09 September 2016

Sophronia Exhibition

The exhibition, Sophronia, presented the works of MA Authorial Illustration students at Falmouth university. I exhibited the graphic novel Mongrel, which I wrote on the course.

I was awarded the Atlantic Press Graphic Literature Prize, for the work I created in Mongrel

On one side of the wall I created a collage from the inner pages in Mongrel.
I did not want the illustrations to be displayed as flat images, so created books to be used in the collage. Some books were nailed open, some had flapping pages and some were nailed shut. The closed books represented hesitancy towards sharing personal narrative.

On the other side of the wall, I presented a framed original and two versions of the book. One version contained the three chapters I had managed to finalise on the course and the other version, the manuscript, contained the whole story at different stages. 

02 January 2016

Mongrel - Memories of Waterland

For every chapter I start by creating basic thumbnail drawings for every page. This helps me plan the pacing of the story as I decide how many panels will be on each page and what they will communicate. For Memories of Waterland I wanted to shape the panels  so they look like puddles. 

This chapter was slightly difficult because I couldn't figure out if I wanted the words to be kept separate from the imagery, so I created a draft with both options to help me judge. 

I decided it was best to display the poem on the first page and have a sequence of images following it.