11 May 2017

Imagined Worlds - Kubla Khan

My drawing, Longing for Wonder, was displayed in the Imagined Worlds - Kubla Khan exhibition. 

Longing for Wonder is similar to Kubla Khan in two ways. The first is the narrative within the drawing. A girl is confined in her room, so she sits on her bed and peeps through the curtains. She observes. Presented with the ordinary, she imagines what is beyond the visible. What hides behind the rows of houses and the tiny stretch of horizon? She has yet to explore the world so her imagination is not limited by knowledge. She imagines a better world. Inside her mind she finds her only escape from her reality. The viewer interrupts her vivid daydream. She turns to acknowledge them.

The second link is the context within which the drawing was created.
Similar to the poem, Kubla Khan, my drawing, Longing for Wonder, originated with a real person and a real place. It was once a reality, but now it exists only in my mind. The oversized furniture and the warped perspective suggest that my imagination has distorted it. This is now my creation.